Why We Still Love Platform Games


Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery

Guess who’s back again? Everyone’s favorite kooky scientist, Professor Fizzwizzle! This time the Professor finds himself in trouble while on vacation on a tropical island. A former student of his has become evil and has taken control of a volcano on the island. It is Professor Fizzwizzle’s job to save the world from this mysterious circumstance.

Molten Mystery is a sequel to the original Professor Fizzwizzle, and has almost the exact same gameplay as its predecessor. It is a puzzle-platform game that puts the weak Professor back into the action, pushing crates and barrels while avoiding evil bat bots. Once you push and stack the blocks in the way that works, you can make it to the exit portal and continue on to the next level.

If you are a fan of the previous Professor Fizzwizzle or the Professor Fizzlewizzle franchise in general you will like this game. I was pleasantly surprised to discover this sequel, as I am an avid PF follower. This was a solid addition to the franchise, with new power-ups (like a heat gun) and different enemies. The only problem some people may have is the lack of originality, but I say why fix what’s not broken. Overall, I would give this game four and a half stars out of five.


Jump, fire eggs, and collect fruit and keys as the green and quirky duck Qwak. Now Qwak is on a fairly easy mission: find keys to unlock doors. Along the way he finds armor to survive the many enemy fish things after him and falling spike balls. Qwak lives in a dangerous world, and with your help he can safely get away from it all.

Qwak is a cartoon duck game that involves players jumping from platforms and moving around in a single square map like other arcade games. Qwak does not gain weapons, he is already given eggs to throw but his armor is instead picked up and keeps him alive. Once down to his feathers, Qwak can die unless more armor is obtained. Other aspects of gameplay include a lot of breakable floors and fruit and spike balls raining from the sky.

This game is fast and needs quick reflexes to keep Qwak alive. If you can handle that, this game is definitely for you. Another commendable part of Qwak is the two-player mode. No longer do you have to play hidden object games alone because now you have Qwak. I give Qwak a 3.5 out of 5 stars.


Action, adventure and…dairy? Yes, dairy. Sunny Valley is in danger and the only animal that can help is Supercow. The evil criminal Professor Durianti is on the loose and is terrorizing the local farm. Only a true spotted hero can save the farm from his evil animals.

Supercow is an adventure, action game that pits Supercow against the evil animals that roam the levels. The object of each stage is to kill all the enemies and collect all the coins. Each stage has a secret area as well, where the most valuable coins and gems are hidden.

The first thing that struck me about Supercow was the graphics. They were incredible and reminded me of one of my favorite games ever, Donkey Kong. The next thing that I really enjoyed was the controls. The character moved very smoothly and realistically. Although I was only playing the demo I was able to go very far in the game. The only flaw I came across was that the second time I opened the demo, there was a glitch that prevented me from playing that level. I’m sure the makers of the game fixed that bug in the real version though. Overall this was a quality adventure game and I would give it four and a half stars out of five.