Seek n Find


G.H.O.S.T. Chronicles: Phantom of the Renaissance Faire

You are called upon to investigate the Spears Renaissance Faire and its recent haunting by ghosts in the area, as you are a master ghost hunter. Search every part of the fair to gather information and clues as to why and where the ghosts are in this dark Renaissance faire. As a hidden object game, you must not only find objects on a list, but by using special tools to see into another realm, solve puzzles of the extraordinary.

Running around a haunted renaissance fair seems like a blast, however this game is more like stopping at a section of the fair and thinking for a while. The pop-ups from pieces in scenes are annoying and some hidden objects are kind of ridiculous. I know it’s supposed to be a challenge, but between the other dimension, objects you aren’t supposed to click on, and things that look like an object on the list but aren’t, the game gets ridiculous. That was the first level/picture. Eventually making past that part, the rest of the game is similar and confusing as well.

A good idea for a themed hidden object game, but I would have to say Phantom of the Renaissance Faire was a miss. I give the game 2.0 out of 5 stars. I know I’m not that smart or blind, but this game was too much for a laid back gamer such as myself.

Fiction Fixers – Alice in Wonderland

A great twist to the classic Alice in Wonderland tale is a Mac hidden object game. Fiction Fixers- Alice in Wonderland will take you on a wild ride through the familiar surroundings that the Mad Hatter once took. Evil lurks in every corner, and books are no exception. The Illiterati group is out to ruin all books, and your job with the help of Fixer Phoebe is to keep all the classic tales as they are and to fix any damage made by an Illiterati Agent who will slink around every page of a book.

The play begins with Alice falling down the rabbit hole, and while she is falling you are to click on the heavy objects. A fun action play, with heavy items falling down with Alice and light objects floating up, will get you to differentiate between the 2 things. At the bottom of the hole is a pile of leaves full of sharp instruments. Your job is to click on the items to eliminate them from hurting Alice. Some of the found objects will be placed in your inventory to be used later when needed. There are variety of hidden object scenes, seek and find, puzzles and the story of catching the Illiterati agent. The puzzles consist of catching bugs on a giant puppy, placing the gears correctly and mixing the right potion for Alice. There are many mini games to complete before the game’s end.

Fiction Fixers – Alice in Wonderland is a nice change from the usual murder or mysteries we have been seeing lately. It is more a light-hearted, fun variation on the tale. The HOGs are enjoyable to play and not very difficult. Some of the mini puzzles you can quickly get through, but some will take a little thinking. If you want to skip a puzzle, you will be penalized 10 minutes. The artwork is nice and the music pleasant. Try out this HOG and capture the trouble making Illiterati agent. I give it a 4 out of 5.

Mystery Stories – Berlin Nights

Mystery Stories – Berlin Nights is a hidden objects/seek and find Mac game full of mystery and intrigue with 94 levels (74 Play and 20 Free Play), 14 mini games and 2 modes of play. This game has a variety of slightly different hidden object plays to make it stand out from the others.

The main play is the hidden object/seek and find part of this on going movie-like story about a New York reporter who gets caught up in some sort of espionage plot going back to World War II and Nazis. She is approached by 2 acquaintances who implore her to help them with a mysterious case regarding Professor Bumgarten’s invention that was taken apart by the Nazis who could not figure out how to exploit it to their benefit. Years have past and the different parts of this machine when brought together could be an answer to renewable energy. Our reporter is kidnapped and taken somewhere in Berlin to continue her search for the parts.

You will be searching in many areas of Berlin from restaurants to hotel rooms and more. Every scene is clear and with many tasks to be completed. In one instance you must find a bottle opener and pop open a bottle cap, not an easy feat (may take a couple of times). Another and much easier task is to stamp a postcard. Finding items is made simpler with all the aids you can get if you find Berlin’s emblem, a bear. In each scene there are bears to be found. Some will give you a hint to show you where the object is located. Another will show you for a limited time all the items. There are time bonuses where the time will stop or get added time.

Another hidden play is to find the items by listening to the sounds. For example, you will hear ribbit, ribbit and you will need to find a frog. Other sounds are of an airplane, radio, cell phone and a lot more. Most are recognizable but one stumped me. It is a clackety clack sound. I won’t give it away since the fun is to discover it on your own but once I saw the object the sound is accurate. Also there is a play where you are given 4 clues, one at a time to guess which object in the room you need to find. You get less points for using more clues.

The mini games are the usual puzzles where you figure out how to open a door or a puzzle on a manhole. All these if you choose, can be skipped. In addition, if you are not into espionage, you can skip the movie story, but I advise you to be part of this mystery in this tale.

I like this hidden object play of Mystery Stories – Berlin Nights with its different methods of finding the items, the artwork and dramatic music. I also like the idea of skipping puzzles you may not be interested in at the moment. Hey, who knows maybe you’ll go back to it some other time? This is a very engaging and fun play. Give it a try and see what I mean.