Ready to fire?



There are many sacred rituals and traditions on the island of Tonga, and any of these things secrets are long passed along from one family member to another. This instills the idea that sacred ancestral lines are important and must be kept alive. The Moai are known to have the knowledge of stone carving. Recently a new cult arrived at the island and threatened their stone carving knowledge.

The stone builders in order to save this knowledge from being stolen by the Cult of the Birdman, summoned the 4 elements to help you conquer the 56 stone tablets that test the knowledge to keep alive this skill for future generations to come. Failure will lose the power for the Moai and will be at war with the birdman.

There are 4 modes of play in this marble shooting game. Adventure you go through the ranks, Storm you must survive 10 rounds of extra balls, Random you play with random colors and the Chaos is more of the same as Random. The main play is to take your shooter and aim for like colors to make a match of 3 or more. Certain color matches will create bonuses like the Ruby gemstones will destroy all the balls of the same color that the Ruby hits. Others will switch your play from 3 matches to 4 but will give you bigger bonuses. Also hit the gold coins to get double points and collect golden Moais to earn extra lives. After collecting earth, wind, fire and water, you can call these elements to help you with your task.

Mac game Tonga is very colorful with a lot of dynamic power-ups with many levels to play and badges to win. I’m not into marble shooting games and didn’t really find it entertaining, but you may be a marble shooter so you should try it out. I give it a 3 out of 5 for a solid play. Save the Moais and defeat the Cult of Birdman.

Phantasia 2

What’s wrong with the dwarves of Phantasia 2? They got caught by the wicked wizard again, and he used an ugly, red demon (looked like one of those Japanese demons) to encapsulate the dwarves in bubbles, and in addition, this beast kidnapped the Good Spirit of the forest to make matters worse. Yes, it is up to you to step up to the plate and shoot orbs to free them so they can once more enjoy their idyllic home, Phantasia.

This second generation Phantasia 2 is 3 times the game of the first Phantasia. The original game is fun and exciting, but Phantasia 2 has 3 modes of play giving you 3 different types of games to play. The Classic is similar to the earlier version where the cart moved back and forth at the bottom of the screen to shoot orbs at 2 or more like colors to destroy and eliminate them in order to get closer to the captured dwarves. This mode included many power-ups plus different shapes other than the round orbs.

The Bubble mode had a stationary cart where you aimed your orb to the right and left. You can also ricochet the bubbles against the sides to get a better angle in attacking the spheres. The Arca Mania mode is just fantastic. The cart moves back and forth, and you bounce the orbs off the platform, similar to Pong. You can angle the ball against the sidewalls, and additionally you can catch some of the orbs to shoot back at the same time. You may be multitasking by bouncing the original ball, catching and shooting back an orb, and catching coins at the same time. There are only limited balls for this mode so you must be careful so you do not lose your ball needlessly.

All the modes have the same bonuses to enhance your pleasure and to improve the quality of the plays, but I like the Arca Mania mode the best. It has the most action and lively play out of the 3. In fact, all the games are fun to play. I enjoy the fast action play, and the funny characters of Phantasia 2. Just like the first, be sure to watch for the cartoon people and aliens popping up from the bottom, top and sides during your games.


Alien invaders are making their way towards earth and it is up to you, once again, to save the human race. Based on the game Galaga, Warblade is your basic shoot em up arcade Mac game. Even still, it’s an awesome game to play. These types of games are one of my favorites, and I could play them all day.

Warblade, like other games, starts out easy and then gets mega crazy with tons of alien ships coming toward you in unpredictable patterns and formations. Can those guys fly straight? You move your simple, but effective, spaceship back and forth shooting as you go. Be sure to grab all the bonuses and coins while you are at it to increase your score. As if you didn’t have enough to do shooting down the barrage of alien ships, you also need to zigzag your way through the asteroid fields. Thank goodness you can shop for upgrades for your precious ship. Many features are unlocked as you go so never fear there will be more effective and bigger weapons for you to use. However the aliens have billions of ships, and to make your play more exciting, the dreaded bosses. How do you beat those guys and the kamikaze attackers?

Warblade is a highly addictive shooter arcade game very similar to Galaga, but with much better graphics. Instead of the lone, pitiful tank, you have an updated, sleek spaceship of the best caliber to fight the enemies. This basic 1 good guy against a lot of bad aliens is so fast-paced and with so much action, you’ll play for hours unless your hands tire out from shooting. Just enjoy yourself with Warblade, blast off to outer space and shoot all the alien invaders.

Features of Warblade:
-100 Levels
-Uncover Secrets and Bonus Games
-Use Strategy
-Beat the Bosses