Manage Your Time


Fish Tycoon

I love this Mac game. Fish Tycoon is like an adult Tamogotchi the children’s game developed by Bandai in the 1990s. I killed mine several times over when I was a kid. You have to take care of your aquarium or your fish will die also. The sim play is done in real time. You can leave the game for a day, and the play has progressed to a new level without you. Fish Tycoon is a very different type of play. The fish move and look real, and it will teach you what kind of fish you have in your tank, but the game is so laid back you can go about your own life and the fish will swim in your tank. There is a story to this play, but I didn’t get into it much. The goal is to breed your fish and find 7 magic fish.

Don’t spend your initial $300.00 on fun items like plants, snails (although they will clean your tank), diver, shells, etc. You definitely need the money later on when the fish get sick from some deadly fungus or something called ick and need meds to get well again. The only other way to earn money is to sell your fish. Don’t have enough fish to sell? Well then you have to breed them or buy eggs to hatch in order to put them on sale at the fish store. Also don’t forget to feed your fish every now and then, and keep your tank clean by buying a snail initially and later a pump when you have enough money.

The only complaint I have with Fish Tycoon is the Fish Store.  You have to click on the sell fish button and go to the shop and watch the people go in and out of the store.  You kind of figure out what they are saying by the bubble above their heads.  They are not the best conversationalists however so it’s not too fun. The only good thing is when the cash register goes off to let you know you have a sale.  I would like it if you could leave the store and still make money, but that didn’t happen so maybe in the next go-around of this Mac game, they’ll do it.

This is a great game to teach kids responsible pet care, and to give you pleasure in developing a well-stocked and balanced fish environment. Your entire family will enjoy caring for the fish without the mess of the real thing, and all the calming effects of a real aquarium. Fish Tycoon is great for relaxing. I recommend this game if you are anxious or on edge and need to take a meditative break from the crazy world.

Build in Time

Build in Time is a little different play from the usual sim time management Mac game since it spans many decades of home styles and music. It covers from 1950s all the way to the 2000s.

You are a kid just out of school who has an aptitude for construction. You find that an uncle you never knew you had is the owner of the construction business you work for, and upon learning you are related, leaves the business in your hands. This part is a little strange, but I guess you will find out from your father what all the mystery is all about later on in the game.

There are 2 modes of play in Build in Time: Kid’s and Standard Modes. In the Kid’s mode it is impossible to lose, the customers are always happy, and no revenue is required to complete the level. Whereas in the Standard mode you must please the customers in a timely manner or they get impatient, unhappy and pay you less than what you are worth. In addition you must meet revenue requirements to finish the level.

Begin the play in the 1950s with Doowop and Bebop jukebox music playing by clicking on the calling customer to determine what kind of home they want. Click on the style of house they requested, drag it to the lot, then click on the color paint the customer chose, drag the can to the house. The wrecking ball will remove a house where there is a brown patch around the lot to indicate no one lives there anymore; just click continuously until they are finished. This will speed up the game.

Remember, 2 crews cannot work at the same time. The builders must complete their work before the painters can start theirs. If you have enough money to hire more people, you can start on the other houses. You must keep your customers happy by working quickly, and if you have the appliances at the bottom of the game board, you can click on it and drag it to the client who will immediately be happy. Use them whenever possible and available. If your clients’ hearts decrease to 2 or less, they are not happy and will pay you less. Every year you can spend your profits on upgrades; many are not available until levels have been completed. There are home, garage, paint, and add-on upgrades.

There’s a lot going on in Build in Time with “time” referring to the speed to please clients and the many decades of style and music. It’s a more than the usual sim time management game with the theme spanning so many years, and it has action where you can continuously click to speed up the play giving you some control rather then waiting for your crew. I like this game and if you like sim play, this is a good one.

Diaper Dash

Wilson worked in the research division of Rubber Ducky, Inc. but got fired for picking up a crying baby (test subjects are never to be touched). Wilson being an inventor could not find another job in these economically depressed times. Poor guy had to move in the basement at his sister’s house and take care of her newborn infant. So Flo (from the Diner Dash series) after hearing this story, advises him to open his own daycare center in Diaper Dash Mac game.

Similar to the Diner Dash plays, you must meet your day’s goal to complete a level. It can get difficult as the levels progresses. If you should get the upgrades, especially the robot maid, it’s extremely helpful when she does all the cleaning, one less Job for you to complete.

The play is clear. You click on the tot and above the head will tell you what the child wants (if human babies had bubbles over their heads, life would be so much easier), and you click on where they want to go. Cleaning is a large aspect of daycare and you must keep the hygiene meter up so the parents are not upset.

The Endless Day mode is to play until you do not meet the needs of each child, and when you lose all your stars, your day is over. This mode is very challenging so be ready to move fast.

Diaper Dash is a fun sim play when you go on the career mode. The story line is light (even though Wilson is out of a job) and entertaining. The upgrades are useful to extend your play, but taking care of many children can get overwhelming so get those upgrades as soon as possible and have fun playing all those levels. The Endless Day is more challenging and can be used for honing your skills.