Good Games, Good Sport


Smashing Tennis

Smashing Tennis is a brand new game that the friendly folks at Mac have just developed. It is a 2-D arcade style tennis game that lets you hit the court (Grass, Clay, and Regular!) and show off your tennis skills.

This game has a few different modes to choose from. There is the practice level (which I strongly recommend to get a hang of the game), Tournament and Two Player. The practice level is where I first started and took on my first opponent, the savage looking Travis. I fell behind in the early set, but as I became more comfortable with the controls, I quickly stormed back to beat my new rival. Unfortunately I was not able to make it to the tournament because I did not have the full version, but I can safely assume that more incredible tennis action awaits each and every round.

The interesting thing about Smashing Tennis is the two player mode. This is a fun way to play the game with a friend, and although you are kind of smashed in, it is a lot of fun. The graphics are kind of lacking, but it provides what you would expect from a 2D computer game. The controls work really well and are easy to use, once you get used to them. I had a good time playing this game, but most casual gamers (and gamers like Britney who only play match games) will probably not enjoy this game all that much. That being said, if you do like sports or tennis in general, Smashing Tennis is a fun way to get in the swing of things.

GL Golf

Strap on your golf shoes and grab your five iron, because it’s time to hit the (virtual) links! GL Golf is a basic, yet addicting golf game that gives you that nostalgic feeling for video games of a bygone era. Long ago arcades ruled the video game world and games like GL Golf are reminders of that golden age. With graphics that mimic the real courses that can be played, GL Golf is a fun way to spend your time without the complected new controls of recent golf games.

What makes GL Golf an intriguing game is how easy it is to play. It’s as easy as aiming where you want to hit the ball and pressing the space bar at the right power. If you want more of a challenge, you can get the classic three-click golf system that also controls the accuracy of the drive. You can also control the draw and the fade and the backspin on the ball in order to avoid hazards and control the landing spot of the ball.

In the full version of the game, there is a huge number of courses to choose from, including some of the most famous courses in the world. Another cool feature is an application for the iPhone that the creators of the game are working on (and I think have completed) that let you play GL Golf on the go. For a quick and easy round, nothing beats GL Golf and it gets three and a half stars out of five.