Get Ready To Seek


Fishdom H2O

Fishdom H2O is a fast paced hidden object Mac game taking place under the sea. Jennifer a marine biologist needing some extra cash decides to dive for sunken treasure and items to sell. She is planning to build a fantastic aquarium in order to impress a bigwig so she can get a job.

The hidden object play is fantastic with colorful undersea scenes with many curious items for Jennifer to collect. Even though you are underwater, the waters are crystal clear and the objects are easy to find. If you are having difficulties seeking your items, there is always the hint button to assist you in your search. To get more hints, you need to find seahorses in the underwater scenery.

Creating the aquarium is a fun part of this hidden object play. You can design your tank the way you see fit. Get all the exotic fish, turtles, sharks and plants to impress someone who owns the best aquarium around. The mini games are a fun addition to the main play. You need to click on all the gold in the scene or the same kind of objects like guitars. Also there is a game where you have limited air in your tank so you must scurry and click on the needed objects as fast as possible.

You can play the game relaxed (untimed) or timed. Even though the time is limited to 3 minutes (very fast in the hidden object world), you can find all your items in that timeframe. Keep your eyes on the time and if need be, use your hints!

I liked Fishdom H2O for its awesome undersea sceneries and clear pictures. I even liked the timed factor because it kept the play quick and interesting. The story line is not drawn out and boring, and it keeps the tale light and cheery. The building of the aquarium is an added plus with a screensaver for you to use, and the mini games are fun to do. So dive into the clear blue waters and find all the hidden treasures in this Mac game Fishdom H2O.

Dream Chronicles 2

Dream Chronicles 2 is the sequel to Dream Chronicles. This is a seek and find plus many mini puzzles game. DC2 is very much like the first game where you are searching for Fidget, Faye’s husband, who is taken by Lilith the Fairy Queen of Dreams. In this game Lilith has put Faye in prison so she, the Queen of Dreams, will be free to marry Fidget who was once promised to her long ago.

There are 50 scenes, 25 story chapters and 80 mini puzzles. Throughout the play you must also seek jewels scattered in every background and part of the collection of jewels you’ll need to progress the game. Each completed dream jewel hold the power to answer a question.

In the main play each scene you must pass several puzzles before you can exit the location. For instance, in the pool area you must choose the correct stones to step on to cross the water. In addition there are wall puzzles to solve. Fortunately you can return to a puzzle if you need to do so.

Dream Chronicles 2 I found not as engaging as the first Dream Chronicles. The difference I think is because in the first one Fidget spoke directly to Faye even though it is in riddles and dream like state it drew you into the story more and made you wonder why he was taken, and in the second Faye is trying to escape prison with only someone’s diary to help her, and she already knew why Fidget was taken. It still is interesting with beautiful artwork and soothing music to try it out for yourself and help Faye escape her puzzling prison.

Antique Road Trip 2: Homecoming

Well, you should know by now I’m into antiques and flea markets where there are a lot of junk scattered around. I guess that’s why I like Hidden Object games. Antique Road Trip 2: Homecoming is just one of the many HOGs around you can explore the items all around a locations. This sequel has many levels and scenes to explore and enjoy.

You can play it either timed for more of a challenge and earn bonuses for completing levels quickly or untimed for a relaxed game to spend an afternoon browsing through things. The story starts out with James and Grace again, but this time they have a son and are visiting Grace’s parents in Montana. To their surprise, the parents announce they have bought the town’s antique store when the owners retired. They want James and Grace to help them furnish and fill the shop with great antiques. Well, James and Grace’s vacation away from their own shop is over when they venture out and acquire items for the parents’ store.

Begin the play by picking out the type of puppy you would like to help you sniff out great antiques. I chose the Dalmatian pup. When you click on the dog, it will sniff out the object you are searching. You, as Grace, travel the United States looking for items in the shop while James stays in Montana caring for their son. You’ll go to different sites with great backgrounds filled with plenty of junk to pick out. The list of objects you need to find are at the bottom of the screen. It’s not your usual list of items but they are clients asking for particular antique item. You search the sites looking for that particular object they requested. If the lettering is red, you will need to find 2 separate items to put together. You can zoom in and find another search area or go to another section like the water plane parked along the lake if you can find the plank to enter the vehicle. I clicked on the ladder and then it disappeared and took a while before I found it again accidentally. Watch out for the picky customers they will ask you for additional tasks. Sell what you find for a profit and earn money to help furnish the empty new storefront.

This sequel has the same great artwork as before, and the homespun Americana feel is still there, and very little is different. If you liked the first game, you’ll like this continuation of James and Grace’s family life as you journey some great American sites. Your grandma may like it also. Mine does. Happy hunting in this solid HOG.