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Tropical Fish Shop 2

Harold and Annabelle found some incredible treasure while diving one day. They have enough money now to open a bigger fish store in Mac match 3 game Tropical Fish Shop 2. You’ll dive for new fish, compete against other divers for trophies, furnish and supply your fish shop, play hidden object games, and mini puzzles.

You must first equip and gather sea creatures for the new shop by playing a match 3 game. On the board you will see fish and sea creatures that you will need to match 3 or more of the same type to collect for your store. You will see the needed items and how much on the left side. You will also need to match bubbles to refill your air tank to continue your search for fish. Also on the left side you’ll see your tank air level, power-ups to help you clear some squares and the amount of money you have.

In between your match 3 games you will compete in diving contests against other players for trophies and money. Play hidden object games searching for coins and equipment you may need. There are familiar mini games like connect the wires from one end of the board to another.

Besides all those things going on, you must furnish the shop by choosing the type of display cases and tanks you want in your shop to attract customers. You can view the shop and see how well you did.

Tropical Fish Shop 2 has a lot of different games going on besides the main match plays, the sim, HOG and mini puzzles. The artwork is colorful and done well. The sounds and music are good. It’s an enjoyable and fun game to play. I give it a 3 out of 5 for a pleasant play.

Elythril – The Elf Treasure

Elythril – The Elf Treasure is an original and different kind of match 3 Mac game. Leorna daughter of elf king Halgora is upset over the discord among the elf people. I didn’t know there are so many different kinds of elves, but there are. They are the wood, river, wild, mountain, moon, fire, high, underwater, underground, flying, emerald and elves of the twilight. She decides the only way to unite the many elves is to search for the Elythril, an ancient elf treasure. With this treasure she can bring happiness and accord among the elves.

In order for Leorna to reach her goal she must solve many mysteries. There are locks to unlock in this game of 80 levels. You must surround 3 or more like colors to fill in the empty area. To complete the level all the spaces must be filled in. You will be presented with a board with intricate patterns to color the areas. You move the discs by clicking on it and then clicking on an empty spot on the board to move it. Click at least 3 of the same color discs to surround an area and it will fill in the color of the discs.

That’s the basic play of the game, but there will be obstacles with other colors appearing in spots where you need to reach. Sometimes moving discs around can cause more problems in maneuvering. A bomb bonus will help you move off anything in its path. There are 2 modes of play: easy and hard.

I didn’t find this game engaging but it became more than challenging in the hard mode, but I didn’t really want to go on with the play. I thought the most interesting part of this game was the different elves. They should have developed the story more. The artwork is nicely done. The play is a different type of match 3 but was more a thinking and strategizing game than a fast action exploding gems match 3. Perhaps you have a different opinion so try out the demo to see if you like it.

The Wonderful Wizard of OZ

Who doesn’t know the great story of the Wizard of Oz? Some young kids may not be conscious of it but with the classic movie starring Judy Garland, even the youngest of kids are aware of this awesome tale based on the book by L. Frank Baum. Join Dorothy after crashing into the wicked witch of the East, find your way to the Emeralds the city where the great and powerful Oz resides. Dorothy will meet many familiar faces along the way, but stay away from the wicked witch of the West.

Make fun matches of gems with tiny munchkins embedded in them by the evil witch and free them by making matches of identical gems by swapping adjacent items. When you free enough munchkins you will be able to make one diagonal swap. There are many power-ups to help you clear the game board of all the yellow brick like the Lion who will destroy gems around him, axe will destroy one tile, the tornado will clear tiles above and below it, the 2 axes will crumble the yellow brick around it and more. Enjoy the journey down the yellow brick road by destroying all of them and freeing the munchkins from their wicked witch’s evil hold.

The game play is like a lot of gem breaking match games but it’s still good fun and with the diagonal move after it fills up makes it a little different from some others. There are tons of power-ups to help you clear the board so it’s not a very difficult game, especially since there is no timer. This may be a good game for children. The story can be read in between the 50 levels with 10 chapters. Take a pleasant walk down the yellow brick road in this solid match 3 game.