Games For Children


Bob the Builder Can Do Zoo

Channel your inner child when playing Bob the Builder Can Do Zoo. This is definitely a kid’s educational and recreational Mac game. It’s colorful with simple artwork to keep any toddler captivated and engaged in this interactive play.

There are many different plays to choose from and your child will be interested in all of them. There are working trucks with funny names like Scoop, Roley and Muck. They all work together with Bob so they can build a wonderful zoo for all the children. Most of the plays are matching color to color and the more difficult game is to put the blueprints in order. Others like finding the tool at the top of the screen and matching it with one under the stack of yellow and orange leaves will peak their curiosities. The cute zoo animals will intrigue your youngsters while looking for their homes.

All the games will let you choose the level of difficulty for your child so not to overwhelm them. In addition Bob will give oral instructions and encouragement to make things pleasant for the little ones.

Bob the Builder Can Do Zoo an awesome game for young children will be a happy play with many educational features. Bob is such an iconic figure to kids that they will enjoy interacting with their friend, the trucks and the zoo animals.

Dinertown Detective Agency

DinerTown is in the midst of a crime spree, and no one is there to solve all the mysteries. Luckily, Bernie the bookworm just bought himself a detective kit and is eager to fight crime in Flo’s great town. DinerTown Detective Agency is a Mac hidden object game for fun and entertainment.

Everyone who is into sim time management games is familiar with Diner Dash and its many sequels and additions, but are you familiar with the hidden object game? DinerTown Detective Agency takes the same quirky characters and familiar town and uses them for their hidden object plays. The list is Bernie’s notebook at the left. The magnifying glass on an item indicates the need to use it in order to see the object. The hint button will recharge and when you find the API badge it will add 5 minutes to the timer or extra points in the relaxed mode. After your search you interview suspects, witnesses and evidence to make your analysis of the crime.

There are many different objects to search with variation on the type and number of items. For instance, you must find a number of pastries, and they can consist of rolls, croissants and more. I found some of the pastries hard to make out but on the most part the HOG scenes are easy plays.

DinerTown Detective Agency is a cute cartoony and funny mystery hunt, but may be too simple for experienced gamers. However, it should be ideal for kids. A similar but more adult version of this play is Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile. The DinerTown artwork as always is very good and with the music makes a pleasant game. Try it out. I give it a 3.5 out of 5 for a fun play for kids.

Avenue Flo: Special Delivery

Avenue Flo: Special Delivery the sequel to Avenue Flo brings about a fun and charming adventure game with Flo singing her own theme song. The familiar quirky characters welcome you to a family of funny cartoon characters bringing them to life and into your home. PlayFirst continues to stick with their successful formula to entertain and delight their fans.

This sequel is similar to their first point and click game where you move around DinerTown searching for items, talking to the citizens, looking for balloons and playing mini games.

The story begins with Quinn the party planner getting into trouble with Vicky and Tony’s baby shower party when puppies destroy the room full of party favors and food. Of course, Flo comes to her rescue and says she’ll get all the necessary things to make the shower even better. Flo walks through the streets of DinerTown stopping at various places like the Baby Chic Boutique, Dessert Oasis, local library and more. She talks to various people and helps them out when asked like sorting books for the librarian, pick out baby outfits and most importantly, pick up trash and recycle. When you do recycle, you’ll get a token to use in the subway to travel to other parts of town. If you walk to the edge of the screen, the street will expand to various locations. The map is very helpful and there is a list of tasks you need to complete. Also there are trophies to be earned for your achievements.

This pleasant game is full of color, and the cartoon drawings are amusing. The voices of the characters suit their personalities and looks, and the music is lighthearted and charming. There’s a lot to do in this adventure point and click game so get started with Avenue Flo: Special Delivery. Oh, by the way, Vicky the woman who is expecting a baby is missing; could you look for her?