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Fitness Dash Review

Dinertown is going healthy, and it opened the Brick Gym for its citizens. Fitness Dash is part of the Flo the waitress Diner Dash series of sim Mac games. All the Dash games are fun and entertaining, and Fitness Dash is just as good. Going to the gym never has been so enjoyable with its new machines and added upgrades.

The play is to keep everyone happy by providing all the needs of the clients. The requests of the customers appear next to their faces and their hearts show you the level of their happiness. The EKG symbol signifies that this client wishes to workout on one of the cardio machines. The tutorial is so good you do not need to know how to play this game and will pick it up immediately. In the story mode you must satisfy so many customers to complete the level. In the Endless play the clients stream in until you make too many clients unhappy and you lose stars. Lose too many stars and the game is over. Happier  you make the customer, more they will be willing to pay you. Color bonuses will be given when you match the client’s color to the machines. The many upgrades will make your life easier with faster machines and bigger washers.

Like the other Dash games, Fitness Dash is very entertaining and pleasurable game to spend a quiet evening. If you like Flo and her gang, have fun with Fitness Dash.

Chocolatier 2 Review

The best way to play Chocolatier 2 is by eating French chocolates at the same time you are playing this Mac game. This interesting sim management game is both action and negotiation. You do not drag your person around to different tasks. This one has a lot more action play when making the chocolates, you get to shoot the necessary ingredients into the factory machines. You go from factory, to headquarters and to distant cities and countries to sell your chocolates and to buy ingredients.

There are 2 modes of play in Chocolatier 2. The Story mode you follow instructions at each location you visit. Your quest is to restore Baumeister Confections by buying ingredients from all over the world, bring them back to your factory, make your different chocolates, and then sell your finished goods. The game is quite clear, and it will guide you through each step of the way.

Chocolatier 2 is a different sim play from County Fair or Doggie Dash. Just from the name itself you know it’ll be good or at least delicious. You will need to read a lot so if you do not like to do that in a game, this play may not be for you, but if you don’t mind, this is a fascinating story and fun, shooter play with 20’s music to keep you moving quickly.

Animal Genius Review

Learn to be an animal expert by playing the enjoyable Mac puzzle game Animal Genius. Use your vast animal knowledge to beat the game and win an animal. Go to different continents searching for and learning about the native animals in that area from steamy jungles to the frosty arctic.

There are many entertaining plays to try to outsmart the game. 25 points is needed to win a dolphin and you get different amount of points for each game depending on how well you do. So in order to get enough points, you must do the math by adding up the points you get from each game. The Creature Collector will give you a description like furry and you click on the animal with fur when they come out of their holes. This game is similar to hitting the groundhog on the head arcade game. Scratch and See will have you using your cursor back and forth to scratch out the gray in order to see what animal is hidden behind the paint. If you do not do this quickly, you may not be able to identify the subject behind the shield since it’s timed. Another game is the Maze Munch. This is where you run around a maze until you get to an opening and you try to catch a fly with your mouth. Ugh! No, the gecko catches the flies. Match-o-matics is another fun game. You match the coating of an animal or lizard to the animal. You will be presented bumpy, hard green coating, and you will be given animals at the bottom of the screen to match its skin. Another game is 10 questions. You will be asked 10 questions about one animal and you are to answer either yes or no before time runs out.

Animal Genius is an exciting and amusing as well as educational Mac game. The artwork and photographs are colorful and clear, the music lively and children friendly. The moves are simple and easy for kids to learn and enjoy. The narrators, both male and female, enunciate and speak clearly with enthusiastic voices. Kids can learn about different types of animals and also do a little math while playing the games. Animal Genius is full of fun games where your children can learn and have an awesome time.